Frequently Asked Questions

Tours By Appointment Only

Can I change designees for our family tree?
The holder of the Tree Lease Agreement may add or delete a designee at any time by giving EcoEternity written notice.
When I die, how will others know I have leased a tree?
We encourage you to file a copy of your contract with your will and/or other important documents.
Is the forest always accessible?
The EcoEternity Forest is located in a section of the forest near Pocono Plateau’s main office.  This location provides peaceful seclusion from camp and retreat activity.   Furthermore, it allows unfettered access to the forest.  Visitors can park at the forest trailhead and walk the trail anytime between dawn and dusk after signing-in at the office.
What should I wear to an EcoEternity Funeral?
Wear seasonal outdoor clothes, especially shoes appropriate for walking in a forest that may be muddy.
Is anybody available in case of a need for special assistance at an EcoEternity Forest?
Yes, staff are available to assist when notified of your needs in advance.
May I have a religious service at an interment?
Yes, if you have a religious service, please have the religious authority present 30 minutes in advance for an orientation.
Can I place memorial items on or near the tree?
The EcoEternity concept is to keep the forest natural void of artificial flowers, metal markers, etc.
May I have pet(s) interred with me?
If you have a Family Reunion Tree, you may have your pets’ ashes interred at the Family Tree for no additional expense when interred during a family member's burial.

Pocono Plateau is a member of the Christian Camp and Conference Association.American Camp Association AccreditationPocono Plateau is an EcoEternity site, an alternative to traditional cemeteries.Pocono Plateau is a chart member of the Association of United Methodist Camp and Retreat Ministries.