High Ropes Challenge Courses

Note: All challenge courses use safety harnesses with a weight limit of 250 pounds

Climbing Tower

Modeled after actual rock climbing, the tower (30 feet high) uses the same gear as rock climbers (ropes, harnesses, helmets, etc.) and synthetic rock holds.

Participants have the opportunity to attempt several different routes ranging in difficulty.  Each participant is urged to set personal goals and achieve them within a positive atmosphere. 

There is also a bouldering wall to warm up and test your skill. 

Climbing routes are age appropriate for 6th graders through adult.

Cooperative High Ropes Course

We have created this course to deepen trust, to encourage taking risks, and to build empathy between individuals and groups.  

Using trees, cables, and ropes, the course consists of obstacles 30-40 feet off the ground.  

Participants work cooperatively in groups of two and strive to overcome a challenge by relying on each other.  This course is a great way for groups to build a sense of untiy and teamwork.
Challenges are age appropriate for 9th graders through adult.

Leap of Faith

This element provides an extraordinary way to get participants to step out of their comfort zones.  Participants (using ropes, harnesses, and helmets) will climb a tree to a 33-foot platform and then look out at a bell that is suspended five to six feet away.

The participant will then take a "Leap of Faith" by jumping off the platform and trying to touch the bell.  Participants are then lowered safely to the ground.

 This element is age appropriate for 9th graders through adult.

Zip Line

We offer this element as both a fun challenge and an opportunity for learning!  After climbing a 35 foot pole to a platform, the 'thrill' begins as soon as th rider leaves the platform and zips down the 500 foot cable.  The group provides encouragement and assistance with exiting the zip line.

This challenge is appropriate for 6th graders through adults.

(Weight limit for participants is 250 pounds)

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