Overview & Maps

Accommodations:     •  Main Site - Heated lodges (some air conditioned), meeting rooms, dining facility

                                     •  Adventure Site - Rustic cabins (no electricity), bath house, open pavilion

Programs:     •  Summer Camp (children, teens & family programs)

                       •  Retreats - Capacity 8 to 190 persons

                       •  Day Events - Weekdays and weekends

                       •  Camp Sponsored Retreats

•  Adventure Program (Teambuilding/Ropes Courses)

Property: 750 acres with two lakes          Hiking Trail Map

Average Temperature: Summer 55º- 85º    Winter 10º- 32º                       Pocono Plateau has two primary sites:

Elevation: Approximately 2000 feet above sea-level                                       •  Main Site Map (year-round)

Location: Barrett Township, Monroe County, Pennsylvania                            •  Adventure Site Map (seasonal)



Pocono Plateau is a member of the Christian Camp and Conference Association.American Camp Association AccreditationPocono Plateau is an EcoEternity site, an alternative to traditional cemeteries.Pocono Plateau is a chart member of the Association of United Methodist Camp and Retreat Ministries.